Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thrifty Washington DC Vacation?

I thought it would be a great vacation for a tightwad. I didn't think it out very well, or do much research. I waited until the last minute to make hotel reservations but used my Wal-Mart associates discount. Two of the nights were a great bargain, but Saturday night was a killer. Jimmy Buffet was in town (we stayed in Manassas instead of DC itself) and the hotels all hiked up their prices for that night. I thought that was a pretty shady business practice but it must be legal, since they all did the same in that area.
There were microwaves in the rooms, as well as a refrigerator, so what I should have done was pick up food that we could have cooked in the rooms instead of ordering delivery or going to Olive Garden. By the time we were done walking the many miles of DC we were all too beat to think of shopping at a grocery store.
We took the train to and from. It was free parking at the Metro stops. Even though it cost all 7 of us nearly $100 for three days of metro riding, it probably still was the best choice. At least we didn't get lost or park in a tow zone. It is too easy to do there in the city.
We didn't pay for any of the attractions, but next time I might get a small cooler on wheels. It was hot and the water was extremely expensive. There were water fountains around, but they were more bird bath than drinking fountains.
It was a very nice, very long, very hot weekend. Next time I will put on my tightwad thinking cap before I do it again.

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