Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweepstakes and Freebies

Win a Trip to Jamaica or an instant win T-shirt

Win Travel Accessories

Win a trip to Florida

Win a Trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

Taste for Life has a couple of fun contests


Free freebies from Kroger. I ordered popcorn

Free Special K bar and coupons

Gardening Tips

Before transplanting your seedlings, they need to be acclimated to the outdoors. Set the containers in lightly shaded locations for a couple of hours the first day. Take them out daily for a week and leave them out a little longer each day. The night before transplanting, leave them outside overnight. A cloudy day is best to transplant seedlings to their outdoor garden bed. If the weather is hot, do the transplanting in the morning or late afternoon. Water after planting to settle to soil around the roots. Water the area the afternoon before you transplant the seedlings.

If you are worried about the ill effects of the chlorine in your tap water, let the water stand 24 hours in an open container. The chlorine will escape into the air. Warm water is better for the plants. Cold water will shock them.

To help vegetables and other sun-loving plants get more sun, create reflected light. Set the containers next to a white or light colored wall.

Aphids and caterpillars do not like mint. Put one tablespoon of mint in a trigger spray bottle with 2 cups of water. Spray onto the plants.

Pepper your lettuce to keep out rabbits.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Save Money-Organize

My house is too small. I have too much junk. I do not have a bit of organizational skill. But, I am tired of buying things that I know I already have somewhere, in some corner, drawer, box, under the bed. So, I am working very hard to get organized. I am getting rid of alot of the stuff that I haven't touched in years, like all the Tupperware that I only have a lid or a container, but not both. I am also moving furniture around to make room and I am trying to use the pieces more effectively. Oh, and it is amazing what you find under and behind things. The missing tweezers, for example.
After cleaning some of the untouched drawers and cabinets, I now have 5 rolls of packing tape, 3 pairs of tweezers, 5 pairs of fingernail clippers, and the list goes on. Like I said, organize and you will save money

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had discovered auctions a couple of years ago. I quit going because I got tired of going alone. I now have an "auction buddy". I am not sure that is a good thing. Don't get me wrong. I am having a good time, but I am coming home with way too much stuff, most of it junk. When you find that one item you really want, some how they sell it with a ton of stuff you don't want. My house is becoming full again, so I have to resort to freecycle, recycle, Blujay, and ebay. When all else fails, there is always the trash can.
Not only are auctions fun and inexpensive, you can start your holiday shopping early. You can find many items that have never been opened. Your friends and family all collect something special and they don't care if it new or used. Do you want vintage furniture? Go to an auction. Just keep yourself budgeted and don't get carried away in the moment. Go early and get an idea of what you want and watch for it. Sometimes it will get mixed up with a lot of other things and you will miss buying it. Most of all, have a good time.