Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Save Money-Organize

My house is too small. I have too much junk. I do not have a bit of organizational skill. But, I am tired of buying things that I know I already have somewhere, in some corner, drawer, box, under the bed. So, I am working very hard to get organized. I am getting rid of alot of the stuff that I haven't touched in years, like all the Tupperware that I only have a lid or a container, but not both. I am also moving furniture around to make room and I am trying to use the pieces more effectively. Oh, and it is amazing what you find under and behind things. The missing tweezers, for example.
After cleaning some of the untouched drawers and cabinets, I now have 5 rolls of packing tape, 3 pairs of tweezers, 5 pairs of fingernail clippers, and the list goes on. Like I said, organize and you will save money

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chocsunflower said...

Me to :) Im having a big clean up of my home soon. Just waiting on school holidays to end. I need to get organised with my 4 dear children to look after. Hopefully I will also find some items to sell. Hope your organising goes well :)