Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strange cures. Try at your own risk

In the midst of research, I have found this list from various sources. Thought they were fun and may help a historical writer or two in the process. I am going to go search out an acorn today, but may have to fight a squirrel or two. They are busy at collecting them right now.

1. Eating nettles mixed with the white of an egg cured insomnia
2. To cure ague swallow a spider wrapped in a raisin
3. To cure baldness rub goose droppings over the affected area
4. To cure a toothache, touch a dead man's tooth
5. To make freckles disappear, cover them with blood from a bull or hare, or use water distilled from crushed walnuts
6. Place an acorn in a window and your house will not get struck by lightening. If a woman carries an acorn in her pocket, she will not age.
7. Nose Bleeds: Rub the insides of your nostrils with the juice of a leek.
8. Carrying an amethyst prevents drunkenness
9. For cramps, tie an eel skin around you knee
10. For wounds: Hold the wound closed and chant, "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Mary. The wound was red, the cut deep, the flesh sore, but there will be no more blood or pain till the blessed Virgin bears a child again."

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